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Here at Southwest we have a heart to Serve. it is our desire to not only help out those who need a hand up, but to also lift up and help our Ministry Partners. Regardless of your affiliation we want to help you successfully help others.

Below we will post ideas and snippets to help you build your One Harvest Ministry. Have an Idea? Email us Direct and tell us about it!

Grocery Relief Tear-Off Flyer – Use this as a template to create your own Tear Off Menus, post them on community bulletin boards, your office cafeteria, your Child’s daycare, the possibilities are endless!

Radio Advertising Script – Use this Script as a starter for a Radio ad at your local radio station.

Send a letter to local Churches – Ask for the support of your local churches, whether it be prayers or some form of participation; you will find that people want to serve, but you’ve got to ask!

Planning Calendar

2013 One Harvest Dates:

Place your Order by:                Saturday Distribution:
October 18                                         October 27
November 15                                     November 23
December 13                                     December 21

2014 One Harvest Dates:

Place your Order by:                Saturday Distribution:
January 13                                         January 18
February 10                                       February 15
March 10                                            March 15
April 7                                                 April 12
May 12                                                May 17
June 16                                               June 21
July 14                                                July 19
August 11                                           August 16
September 15                                    September 20
October 13                                         October 18
November 17                                     November 22
December 15                                     December 20


“Feeding Families” is a Southwest Church of Christ Food Ministry for One Harvest. We are here for church and community; helping stretch dollars, serve one another, and sharing the word of God. We are a faith based ministry providing grocery relief to friends, family and neighbors in and around Richmond Virginia.

We have done our best to answer many of the commonly asked questions as well as provided many valuable resources for you and our staff. if we missed something or you have a question, please contact us! We are here to Serve You!

Food Budget Helper

More than 500,000 families all over the U.S. purchase $60-$75 worth of quality food for roughly $35 every month! And, yes you can too! Feeding Families and One Harvest are here to help you stretch your budget further! Who wouldn’t be happy with an opportunity like that? After all, everyone needs to eat!

Partner with Southwest

Won’t you join Southwest in feeding our community? We are looking for other Church’s and Non-Profits to help us spread the Good Word and distribute quality food at an affordable price at your location. We are here to help Ministries share the love of Jesus Christ through their communities. We stand and serve on Matthew 28:18-20; “…go therefore and make disciples…”. The goal of our evangelistic outreach is to assist you in building your ministry. We committed to serve and support YOU. Colossians 3:17; “whatever we do in word or deed; do all in the name of the lord Jesus Christ.” We commit to serve and support with integrity and truth in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

If you need more information, please contact Matthew Kimball via Email Here. or Via the Church office at (804) 745-3667. We look forward speaking with you and having you join our Team!

How to order

Menu & Order Form:


Online Credit Card Orders: Because food boxes are shipped once per month to to partner churches we cannot deliver to individual addresses, you must specify Southwest Church of Christ when ordering online! CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONLINE.

Check and Money Order – Mail/In person Ordering: Payments must be made out to “SWCOC”, we accept money orders, cash and from our church members, checks. All orders must be made in this fashion at this time. Our Church office is open Tuesday – Friday; 9am – 5pm. Please call first to ensure someone will be available to take your order, we do step out occasionally on appointments.

Orders can be placed in person, or via mail (If ordering via mail, please email us your order, then mail us your money order and order form. (once we receive payment we will then place and confirm your order.)

SNAP/EBT Customers: At this time we are not able to accept SNAP payments. A soon as this payment methods is available, we will let you know. We apologize for the inconvenience. (October 2013 Update: We have submitted our paperwork, please be in prayer that our account is setup timely!)

Want to Partner with Southwest Church of Christ?: We are always looking for partners; whether your another Church, CoC Congregation, or other Non-Profit, we would be happy to speak with you about joining our team efforts in feeding our community. Please email us here or call the church office (804) 745-3667


What is Feeding Families Ministries?
Feeding Families is a non-profit, non denominational organization dedicated to providing food relief.

What is the cost of the food?
A basic box of  can be purchased for $30.

What is the retail value of the box of food?
Depending on your location, a box retails anywhere from $45 to $75 with an average retail value of right around $60.

How much food is in a box?
An average box of food weighs around 25 lbs. The weight may differ each month. A box of food assists in feeding a family of four for about one week, or a single senior citizen for almost a month.

What food options does Feeding Families offer?
There are several different options available, please visit One Harvest to review the menu selections available.

Is the food fresh?
Because of our involvement with this program, all food comes direct from our for distributor, which removes all the middle men!  One Harvest offers only the best producers, meats and other products are high quality, “name brand” foods – never “seconds” or “day old type” products. Each month’s food menu consists of both fresh and frozen items.

Will I know what the food offered is in advance?
Feeding Families will have a monthly menu to inform customers of what food items will be available a full month in advance.

How much food may I purchase?
There is no limit on the number or types of boxes an individual or family may purchase.

Do I need to qualify for the program?
There are no applications or qualifications, anyone can participate.

Do you Accept Food Stamps?
Until this process is complete we will not be able to accept food stamp vouchers.

Where do I pick up my order?

During “Distribution Week”, One Harvest  begins loading the trucks that are scheduled to arrive at the Anchor sites on what we call “Distribution Day.” On D-Day You will pick up your food from our Facility at 5340 Courthouse Road, Chesterfield, VA 23832.

Ministers letter

Dear Friend,

We are glad to be a part of providing this nourishment from One Harvest to you. We all need food to sustain our physical lives. To have such good quality food at such an affordable price is a real plus for all of us. We hope that you will enjoy these great meals and come back each month for more tasty and nutritious food.

As important as this food is for our physical lives, we all have an inner spiritual hunger that needs to be satisfied as well. Whereas physical hunger causes our stomach to grumble and growl, spiritual hunger causes our lives to lack peace and contentment.

Jesus Christ came to this earth from heaven so that we might have that spiritual hunger satisfied. He once said to his Disciples, “I am the bread of life. He who believes in me will never be thirsty.” (John 6:35) Jesus was speaking of our spiritual hunger and thirst, of course, and his ability to meet all of our deepest needs.

If you sense that spiritual emptiness in your life and would like to talk with someone about how Jesus Christ can meet all of your spiritual needs, I would be very happy to share this with you. Please feel free to call me at the number provided in this brochure and let us know that you would like to discover how Jesus Christ can satisfy the spiritual longing that you feel in your life.

Thank you, and may God bless you,

Lonnie Davis

Southwest Minister